Thursday, August 11, 2005

Return From Vacation

I was away on vacation last week in Atlanta. A welcomed break which I feel was very productive for me. I got some much needed rest, yet I was very busy with rejuvenation. I was able to do a lot of reflecting.

Since I’ve returned, I’ve been non-stop busy. Just as busy as I was before the vacation both at home and work. Not much had changed, but I feel that I have. Actually, prior to going on vacation, I must acknowledge an inner change that has propelled me to a new level. It’s simply my state of mind.

The mind is powerful. Situations and circumstances may not always change as readily as we would like. Nor can we change other people. But we can change ourselves and we begin that process by changing our minds. Our actions will follow suit.

Our minds determine our attitudes. Attitudes are very powerful as well. Attitudes often determine our perspective. How we see things. How we see others. How we see ourselves. How we do things.

Everyone has bad days. But to have a bad day every single day is a bad thing! Again, we may not be able to change situations or circumstances, but we are able to change ourselves even through the midst of them. We can choose how we respond and act on any given day. Even when we are having a bad one.

We can, and should feel good about ourselves. If we are dissatisfied or unhappy with ourselves, how can we expect others to be favorable and positive towards us. If we don’t even like ourselves, how can we expect others to? If we are full of negativity, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, misery, doom and gloom……..that can be changed. The circumstance may not change (there are some things that we simply do not have control over); the people may not change (maybe we need to change our settings if possible); and situations may not change. But, we can change. We can choose our course of actions and we can decide that regardless of what surrounds us, we do not have to succumb to defeat.

We should expect the best for ourselves. We should not settle for less. Additionally, we should also always give and do our best. I truly believe that we receive what we give.

I want to encourage you today to hold your head up and take control of your life by governing your state of mind.