Friday, May 04, 2007

Something Positive Out Of Adversity

Have you ever walked away from a person, an event, an occasion, an opportunity, or an experience that simply left you with a new bounce and spring in your gait? "A a manner of walking, stepping, or running," is the definition of gait. Well, I am absolutely walking with a new spring right now, all due to my experience in Memphis, TN this past weekend.

It was unlike anything I expected, yet it was a weekend full of disappointment and frustrations. There is no way I should have come from this weekend with the uplifted spirit that I have right now. From all indications, I should be highly upset and in complete disgust.

But I'm not. And I believe it is because of my passion for life and of course, the leading and guidance of God's Spirit.

Let me explain. I'd prepared for this trip to Memphis for several months. My first form of commitment to this "investment in me" was to register for this writer's conference that was celebrating 11 years of existence. "Oh, this ought to be fantastic," I thought. As another month passed, I was still excited and sure about my commitment to myself, so I went on and made hotel reservations. So sure of myself, I even pre-paid because I wanted that expense out of the way.

Over the last several months, I've been very busy with other activities and opportunities, and certainly with new doors that have opened for me. Yet, I remained excited about the writer's conference and expected to walk away with new resources and motivation to keep me going in my journey. I have an insatiable desire to learn and for empowerment, and I expected nothing less than that from the conference.

That is what I expected, and that is what I walked away with, however, how I got it was quite different from what I imagined.

To begin with, I was disappointed with my hotel. I won't call the name because I am not about bashing anyone. But, I can tell you this, I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. Then, I was disappointed with the online agency I used to book my room because they failed to tell me about additional fees that would be required when I checked in. I can't say that I won't recommend them to anyone, but I would caution that you call the hotel directly if you ever go this route and find out from them directly if they require additional fees. Additionally, it's always good to keep records. I am an incurable pack-rat, and I do hold on to a lot of stuff. That really is my nature (unfortunately), but it is also a good thing. I had my printed confirmation and there was no record of any additional fees that were required by me. So, the hotel couldn't hold that against me (and it's always a good thing to be able to talk persuasively and fast and to be ready and able to hold your own when standing up for yourself).

I finally made it up to my room, hot and tired from the drive from Mississippi, and the very busy day I had prior to hitting the highway. I'd been up since a little before 5:00 am and my intentions were to get my daughter dressed and ready for school, and then return back to bed for more sleep. You know that never happened, now don't you! Didn't get much sleep the night before because I was busy doing stuff in preparation for my trip. I, of course, had to make sure that everything was okay at home. Made the necessary arrangements for my daughter, made provisions for my husband, took care of all that I needed to........except things for me! So, that morning, I finished writing the material I was working on for a 3-day class/workshop that I'm teaching this week. I needed to get the completed information into the program's leaders actually by Saturday. Well, since I wasn't going to be there on Saturday, I had to get it to them before I left.

I did. I spent the rest of the morning polishing it up and adding more content to the material. Well, those 4-hours of final writing truly set me back time-wise. On top of everything, there was one crucial thing that hadn't occured yet. I needed to pack! I wish I could be more like a former co-worker in New Orleans. I'll never forget the time that she and I, along with several other co-workers attended a week-long training in Dallas, TX. Well, about 2 weeks before we left, my dear co-worker asked me if I was finished with my packing yet. FINISHED!?! I hadn't even thought about packing by then. I have traveled often and unfortunately (or not), I usually don't "finish" or even "begin" until the night before. And I don't know if it's just a mental thing with me, but most of the time, I rarely sleep or I may get very little sleep the night before traveling. I don't know why, but I've always been like that. So, definitely, I'm normally in full swing with my packing then. I generally know what I'm taking, I know where everything is, and it's just a matter of putting it all together. As I told my co-worker, I may not pack physically long in advance, but I eventually do so mentally.

Anyway, I am finally in my hotel room. Fatigue has now hit me like a ton of bricks. It was hot, I'd driven for about 3 and a half hours from Crystal Springs non-stop to Memphis. And I'm "old school" (or call it thrifty and economical if you'd please), I'd packed a couple of sandwiches from home, which served as my dinner (ah.......visions of "Fred Sanford" traveling with his greasy paper bagged lunch comes to mind, doesn't it?! ). Visions and memories of my childhood came to mind as well. I have traveled quite a bit because my father was in the Navy, and we were always being "stationed" somewhere and we would pack the station wagon and travel all over. I think that's why I enjoy traveling so much even now in my adulthood. But, as a child, I didn't realize that we were "poor", I thought everything was an adventure. Mama ALWAYS fried chicken for us, packed a lot of sandwiches, and she always included cans and cans of Vienna Sausages and Potted Meat. We always had PB&J as well. My brothers and I thought we were having fun. It wasn't until my own adult years and the times I've traveled with my own family that I realized that Mama was being economical! I do have fond memories of one particular time, as we traveled through that HUGE state of Texas, when my parents did "splurge". We ate dinner in the hotel's restaurant (which was something that we simply did not do other times) one night. I don't know if we had extra money or what, but we ate that night and they had an "all you can eat fried chicken" special. This was before the days of buffets. Well, we were children then, but my brothers were heavy hitters and could put away some good food! I am chuckling as I write this, and I know that my brothers are too if they're reading. I remember Mama saying, "Hmmm, all you can eat, huh? They just don't know who they're talking to!" They ran into the wrong family!!! We must've ordered four or five times, at least, after the initial serving!

Well, my bologna and cheese sandwich was good for dinner! I'm glad I saved that little money from needing to buy dinner because I was going to need it the next couple of days for parking fees...........some unnecessary due to the unorganization of the writer's conference! Little did I know that first night what I was in store for.

What was the first day of the conference proved to be an incredible let down and absolute total flop! I won't go into all of the details because again, I am not about bashing anyone. In fact, I hope that if the organizer of this conference attempts it again next year, it is successful. But, I will say this. I won't be there! I believe that intentions were good, but there was extreme unorganization all around.

It was frustrating, and every single person there was upset and disappointed. But, there were a group of participants who left a great lesson with me. They reminded me why I was there. They reminded each other. They were comforting. I was reminded that we never know where our blessings may come from and not to lose hope when things don't work out exactly how you planned them.

All of the "promised" events didn't take place, but what did occur was empowering for me. I learned a great deal and I believe that I made great connections. A lot of networking took place. And let me tell you this....the most amazing thing happened over this weekend. People knew ME. Yes, ME, ole "insignificant" Carla. One author, in fact, asked me specifically why she wasn't receiving my inspirational messages anymore. She was once on one of my lists, but after awhile, we lost contact. I first met her some years ago in Birmingham at another conference. Her name is Pat G'Orge-Walker, who is known by many as "Sister Betty". She originated Gospel Comedy some years back and began a new genre in writing.

Pat was also a panelist during the 2nd and final day of the conference. She was superb and it was from this day that I received my biggest shot in the arm of enthusiasm and the beginning of the new spring in my step. I was so inspired and encouraged by all of the meat that I was fed there.

I was happy to meet so many authors. Again, I was known by some whom I've been privileged to know from various online groups. Michelle Larks is one sister I would like for you to check out and support her work.

The conference really got off on the wrong foot and a bad start for a number of reasons. I do seriously hope that it's more organized next year and that the communication is much better. But I appreciate the stamina and good spirits of the authors who were there. They encouraged me so much and I'll never forget that.

Because I don't have my own published book...........yet........I was referred to as an "aspiring author". That was like a wake-up call for me because that "title" went against my grain. And that's because I KNOW that I am not simply "aspiring", I know that I "am". I was born a writer and it's something I've known all of my life. As I've often stated, I was writing even before I knew how to pick up a pencil and write my own name. It wasn't until a few years ago that I finally acknowledged who I am, and what I am. And it wasn't until recently that I decided that I am going to walk in my purpose and be all that I can be. I vow to myself, and to you, that for the next writer's conference I attend, I will be presented as Carla Y. Nix, the published author!

Freeze Frame!
The last leg of my springy-step-awakening took place on my last day in Memphis. I had the profound honor of FINALLY meeting a dear friend of mine. His name is John Gilmore and he is the leader and spiritual guide of the Open Heart Spiritual Center. I met him in 1993, long before Open Heart was founded. We met online during a time when electronic communication was still very new. Some of you may be familiar with Prodigy, which was pretty big back in the day with the interactive electronic bulletin boards here in cyberspace.

John has always been a voice of reason and a myriad of wisdom and soundness. I can truly say that he has been like a big brother to me (well, we're the same age......but a big brother nonetheless). I think that he's a prodigy himself, born way ahead of his time. If you look up the word "mentor" in the dictionary, I am sure that John's picture would be there!

So, after 14 years of communicating with John, I have finally met him face-to-face. In a place where he is most comfortable, and where he Open Heart. His congregation was so warm and gracious. They greeted me with opened arms and treated me in a way that was genuine and free. I'll be honest and admit that because I knew that I was of a different "denomination" (for lack of a better word) than Open Heart's, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect, nor how I would feel. But, because I knew of the kind of person that John was, what I received there did not surprise me. I could not have met a better group of people. Nor, could I have enjoyed a better service. I loved the atmosphere and the spirit that enveloped me. Most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the Message as delivered by John entitled "The Joseph Journey". One of my top favorites in the Bible. In fact, my very own pastor recently completed a series of studies on Joseph. Additionally, I've read and have heard a number of sermons regarding Joseph (beginning at Genesis 37) many times. Yet, John delivered the message with yet another twist, or from a different angle, that was well appreciated by me. It was extremely timely for me and it fell right in line with everything I'd gone through over the weekend with the disappointments and the not-so-perfect conference.

John spoke of Joseph's transformation and vividly pointed out that the Joseph who ended up being second in command in Egypt was not the same Joseph who danced around in his coat of many colors as a boy. Every single obstacle and tragedy that Joseph experienced shaped him, strengthened him, matured him, and equipped him to become the powerful man that he'd risen to. Joseph was transformed and had to move out of what John calls a "freeze frame" mentality. Had he remained there, he undoubtedly would not have helped his brothers when he had the opportunity to hurt them as much as they'd hurt him.

I thoroughly enjoyed the message and if I don't remember anything else, I will always be reminded to move out of the "freeze frame" mentality. I know that personally, I do have a problem of letting go. Holding on makes it nearly impossible to move forward.

I had a Life Coaching session this evening, and one thing I was reminded of is that we are what we think. As I stated that I was a writer, that it wasn't just a hobby or something I just happen to do, my coach put another interesting twist on it. He pointed out that another way to look at that is for me to acknowledge and maintain that I was BORN to write. I was created to write. I was designed to write. I'd never looked at it like that before, and as we talked, yet another spring was added to my step!

This all goes hand-in-hand with my experience at John's church. I was given the privilege of speaking before the congregation. It was an honor to do so and I did what I also know that I was born to INSPIRE. I just hope that my words did touch and encourage hearts. That is my greatest, yet simplest desire in life. I believe that my desire was fulfilled!

Thank you, Open Heart, for the impression you've signed upon MY heart.

The Choice is Always Ours
You and I decide our actions, and even our outcomes and attitudes. Life isn't always fair and people will fail us. We mess up. We make mistakes. We hurt one another. Plans fall apart. As "willy-nilly" as I may seem, I am really a pretty structured person. I enjoy structure and limits in my life. I am not very disciplined, yet I thrive on being forced to discipline myself. I am probably the most complex and paradoxical person I know. So, when structure is removed, I tend to become quickly frustrated and dismayed. The fact that the writer's conference had very little structure and massive unorganization threw me off guard. I didn't expect it and I initially did not know how to react. But, I am so thankful for the other participants who encouraged me. I appreciate them reminding me of my purpose of being there. As Pat O'Gorge-Walker said, this conference was an investment in myself. I put something into the trip to Memphis, and with the help of God, I was going to take something positive away from it.

That, I did! There were lessons there, and as the saying goes, "the teacher will arrive when the student is ready." I was ready, and boy, did I learn a lot!

I walked away like a slinky! Multiple springs in my step!

I thank everyone who played such a significant role in my experience.

Now, I am more determined than ever to carry on in my journey. I again state that I am walking in my purpose. This weekend in Memphis was just one leg in that journey.

I cannot express enough my should be lived and not simply endured. I wish each of you springy steps, a boost in morale, and a true passion for life!

Thanks for all of your love and support. Remember, feel free to contact me at any time.

Remember that if you would like for me to speak to your group, church, or youth group for inspiration, motivation, and/or teaching, drop me an email at Visit my website at for more information on me as well.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Remember Noah?

When Noah built the ark under the divine leadership of God, he also had a message to relay. He built that ark by hand (no fancy construction equipment back then). He prepared his family. He preached the message that it was going to rain. Folks thought he was crazy and refused to listen to his message.

Sometimes it's the same way with us today. You may have a message to deliver. You may have a product to produce. You may have a word to give. You may have a service to provide. You may have something that you are truly passionate about and you are compelled to deliver that message. But no one seems to be listening. Perhaps doors are being closed in your face. People may be turning you away. You may be rejected.

I'm here to encourage you to keep on nailing that ark. Keep on sharing your message. Keep on providing that service.

If you don't believe in you, who will?

Don't give up. Keep on building. One day, your ark will sail.

Be blessed!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Warm Fuzzy...

Just feeling a little sentimental and gooey right now. I have to dab away tears (of happiness and joy) when I think of this because it's just an indication of how far God has brought us, and how He's blessed us.

Last night, our church acknowledged and honored Jerry and I. It was a surprise to us. Last night was one of those "100 Men in Black" programs, and the pastor had appointed Jerry as the coordinator. The service turned out really nice and the purpose of it was to make a statement and stand regarding unity and the importance of real mean serving God. Serving God by serving the community and individuals.

Anyway, everything went well, and it was at the end that they surprised us. First, Jerry made presentations as is common and customary for such a program. Then, we were asked to come to the front. The presentation was wonderful. The presenter stated that the church is happy for "Katrina". That she blew us their way. They thanked us for all of the work that we've done since we've been here. They appreciate us. Love us. Etc. It was so beautiful and moving, particularly when both of us don't feel that we've done anything that would warrant such acknowledgement. They said that they enjoy our teaching, leadership, ministering, etc., and they really encouraged us.

Now, I'm not necessarily stating all of this to say "look at what we've done". Quite the contrary, in fact. I'm sharing this to say, "look what God has done!" I can't help but to think back. Two years ago at this time, Jerry and I were still separated. We were still hurting and I honestly believed that we would be another statistic. I thought that it was over for us. I was still very angry, hurt, and not even sure who Carla was anymore. But God undoubtedly began to mend both of us and He slowly restored us. Since we reconciled in July 2005, our lives definitely took on a new direction with the first major event being that of Hurricane Katrina. I know of couples who have not survived the storm! Oh, I'm not talking about the actual storm of Katrina, but their relationships fell apart during the aftermath. God gave us just the opposite reaction. We grew and strengthed greater as a result.

We do work well together in ministry, but most importantly, as a couple. And even more than that, we have grown by leaps and bounds as individuals.

All I can say is that God can do anything........we are a walking testimony to that! So, the little recognition was not that of us as mere pions. But, in my mind, it was recognition and honor of the goodness and greatness of God! I go dabbing away the tears again!

Be blessed and be encouraged from my experience.

Carla Y. Nix
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

What a week!

Last week was quite interesting for me. As always, it was jam packed and exciting. I don't know the meaning of boredom or doldrum. It doesn't exist in my life (thank God), but last week was just a bit more active.

I began the week being under the weather. It actually began that Sunday. By Monday morning, I was feeling so bad from a cold that just overtook me, that I didn't even go into work. That's unusual for me. I am rarely out sick (thank God for that). I just couldn't pull myself together Monday morning. However, Monday night, I was able to gather the wherewhithal to conduct my Passion4Life radio show ( If I did not have a guest, I may have cancelled, but I was commited to bringing forth this particular show. As it turns out, it was one of my most listened to (live and via the archived show at the website).

I went into work on Tuesday, but was still feeling weak, however much better (I was able to BREATHE! My head was no longer stopped up). Therefore, I was able to function for the entire day.

Wednesday, I felt 100% stronger and was so happy to be that way. It's a terrible feeling when you're weak. I'm not used to it and I'm thankful to have regained my strength.

I was in a "praise" mood all day on Wednesday. Was just thanking God for no particular reason. Just because! He is awesome and I relish in His blessings. Well, later that evening, He provided a reason for me to rejoice even more. My husband purchased our brand new riding mower (tractor). I know, it doesn't seem like something to be all giddy about, as I've been, but it is when you have 8 acres of land that God blessed you with and all of that lawn needs to be maintained. The 8 acres is what our house is sitting on. The house that God blessed us to purchase in October. A wonderful new home that has double the blessing and meaning to us because we now have our own home after losing absolutely everything in New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps you've never been in a position where you no longer had your own. Where you had nothing. Where you didn't even have an address anymore. Although we were blessed to find shelter and live with relatives, it definitely is not the same as having and living in your own home. Your own house. Your own place. Your own independence.

So, God restored and blessed us with our own home, and that includes all of this beautiful land that we must maintain. We're happy to, and we're even happier that He provided us with the riding mower. There is no way that we could cut this grass with a regular push mower.

So, I rejoiced.

Additionally on Wednesday night was my broadcast of Passion4Life with Lamont Carey. A wonderful man, an extraordinary poet, and a blessing to many. I hope you're able to check out the show at

And then on Thursday, I rejoiced even more. I was able to purchase a new computer. I'm on it now and loving it. As with everything else, I lost my computer in Katrina. Several months after the storm, I managed to get a laptop. I hate the laptop! I know that most "normal" people prefer a laptop, but I'm not "normal" and I don't! Besides, it was minimally equipped and I was outgrowing it. In fact, it's begun to simply shut off for no reason. I now have my desktop setup and I've also added my "office" in my home. Well, actually, it's just an area where I set up a desk and work space. I need it badly. Afterall, I am writing my book (see my website and I'm doing a lot more work here at home. God's been blessing me with so many opportunities.

On Friday, I took (and passed) a certification exam at work whereas now I am certified to administer testing for others to become certified in areas such as CISCO, etc. (computer certifications). I was happy to pass. I hate to fail at anything!

Just prior to my taking the exam, I got a call with a wonderful offer. I've been asked to work with someone to write a biography. It is a huge undertaking and they're asking that it is completed in one year.

So, I know that I'll be quite busy (as always) in the days and months to come.

I'm still feeling very good from church services today. Another door God opened for me (or, I guess I should call it an assignment) is that I am now a member of the newly formed Praise and Worship Team. Just like the radio show, this is something that is right up my alley. It's natural for me and something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. It's not an act. It's not a task. It's an honor, privilege, and a joy!

I'm just praising God and I thank Him for everything's He's doing in my life.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dreams do come true...

I am still rejoicing and feeling ever so grateful to God. He has truly blessed my family and I in so many ways.

I'm feeling particularly happy right now. God has blessed me to realize some of my dreams. I am here to tell you that when you believe and have faith, God will bless you with the desires of your heart.

It's a good feeling to recognize your purpose in life and to walk in that purpose. Putting God first in all matters, He will direct your path. I am a witness to that.

I feel good and happy when I'm able to do things that I enjoy and help others along the way. It honestly is my one desire in life to be a blessing to others. God is granting this desire.

It is my goal now to train and teach others to reach this same level. To recognize their gifts, talents, and their purpose. We all have a reason for being here. We all have an assignment that we much complete. It's an awesome feeling when we learn what that assignment is and to embrace it gladly.

Dreams do come true. Just keep believing.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Blessed! That's me. I'm just feeling blessed right now. Loving life. Loving God. Loving all that He's blessed me with.

I am praising God.........oh, for no particular reason.......I just want to praise Him. You know, too often, we only go to God when things are going bad, and we tend to only want to praise Him when everything is going well. But, we miss out when we do that. What about those in-between times? Doesn't God STILL deserve praise? After all, He is God and although our situations may change, He doesn't change. He is still good.

When things are "okay" and we don't feel the urgency to call on God for assistance, that really is no excuse not to go to Him. We should still pray. We should always thank Him for His blessings, and recognize Him for who He is. The reason to pray is not simply to ask God (or, as many of us do, beg God) for the things that we need and want.

So, I am in this praise mode right now where I am just giving it all to Him. I am so thankful for everything. I thank Him for being God. I thank Him for loving me. Providing for me. Taking care of me. Protecting me. I thank Him for being God!

I am blessed!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Best is Yet to Come!

Hi Everyone,

Please take the time to listen in to my very own Internet talk radio show. My show is named "Passion4Life". I broadcast at least once a week. You may listen to my previous shows from the archives at Or, go to the P4L website at You will find a link/button that will bring you directly to the radio show site.

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Please stay tuned because I have an inspirational e-booklet coming out within the next couple of months named "Beyond the Exit". The booklet will be available for sale through both websites: and

Thanks for your support!

God bless you always!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Walking in my purpose

I'm feeling awfully blessed right now. Incredibly blessed. Undeservedly blessed. Outrageously blessed. Madly blessed!

Simply because I am feeling, for the first time, that I am truly walking in my purpose. Living the purpose that God designed me for.

God is opening doors and opportunities whereas I am being allowed to do the things that I know He has planted in me. I've been asked to do some workshops, trainings, and consulting. I know......I know.......people do these all of the time. So true! But I hope that if they do, they are doing so because they are called to do so. Not just for pay.

When one is called to do something, they will do so for the shear satisfaction of knowing that you're doing what you are purposed to do.

I am so thankful and outright grateful to God for what He is doing in my life. What a wonderful feeling of walking in my purpose!

Thank You Jesus!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Right up my alley!

I am so excited! I have discovered a new venue for me to use my talents. That is being a radio talk show hostess. I am sure that this blog radio talk concept is not very new, but it's new to me. And it's right up my alley! I can host my own show, format and program it as I please, I can invite guest if I'd like. In fact, that's how I discovered it. I was invited as a guest for someone else's show.

With this show, I have scheduled three segments so far (that's the max they allow you to schedule as a new host). I have already begun to formulate my schedule with the list of topics I will cover.

I will be busy doing a lot of writing, studying, and preparation.

I guess you wonder why I'm doing this. It's not a "job". I'm not being paid. I might not even receive notice for it. But, it's something that I want to do. I have many messages and I am driven to get them out.

I'm just so excited.

This is the information and link for my show - yes, my show - Passion For Life!

I Have a Talk Show

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I had a wonderful weekend. I spent it with both of my brothers and family. We celebrated Michael's birthday with him and his family in Biloxi. Ira lives in San Leandro, CA, but he flew down south so that he could be a part of the celebration. You see, it was Michael's 50th birthday. A fine milestone worth celebrating.

Ira flew into the Jackson, MS airport and he spent Friday with me and my family. I was thrilled to have my brother here in my new house.

Ira and I drove to New Orleans on Saturday morning. This was his first time seeing the city after Katrina. He was last there a few months before the hurricane hit. Since New Orleans is our home, he really needed to see the condition with his own eyes.

The weather was terrible as we took the 2 1/2 hour drive. It rained relentlessly the entire drive. Cold and rainy, quite miserable!

Ira had to agree that seeing the city with his own eyes didn't compare to the images he's seen in pictures and on television. The Lower 9th Ward, our neighbor, is still in total disarray. It's a deserted area. There is no life. Not even cats and dogs were there. We did see, however, tour buses driving through, as well as other people whom we knew were not former residents of the area. Sight seers! It really got to me, truly ticked me off. Particulary the tour bus. I am sure that someone is profiting from the tours, and I just don't think that's right.

We made a couple of stops before we left New Orleans. We stopped by and visited my friend Corbie, who interestingly enough went to high school with me. We had a fantastic visit as she showed us the progression of the rebuilding of her home. It is simply gorgeous and I am so happy that things are coming together for her.

We then drove to Biloxi, MS. As we traveled on I-10, I saw an amazing sight. All along the highway were trees.........many trees. Trees that's been there for many years. But, they were broken! It was apparent that Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans and all down to the gulf coast (Biloxi and Gulfport, MS). Her fury was visible just by looking at those trees. I mean, we have all seen the pictures of the houses that were destroyed (our own being among them), and the images of the flooding, and all of the devastation of the people. Images of Katrina; they're probably etched in our minds. But, these trees stood out to me and its' image was profound!

I saw miles and miles of broken trees. They snapped from the middle and the brokenness was vibrant and loud! It was as though they were yelling at me. They begged to be noticed, to be seen. They spoke to me and shouted.....CARLA, WE ARE STILL STANDING!

Hurricane Katrina may have snapped them, broke them in half........yet, those bad boys were still standing! And then I heard, CARLA......YOU ARE STILL STANDING! The hurricane caused a snap in my life. She devastated a mighty blow. Slowed me down. Chopped some of me off. Shedded some of my branches. Shook me up and had me swaying in the wind. But, I AM STILL STANDING!

I then heard two songs in my mind. Bishop Paul Morten's song.....aptly titled, "I'm Still Standing", which is a mighty testimony of his tenacity after Katrina and other crucial events in his life. I also heard "Broken but Healed" by Byron Cage (I believe.......please correct me if I'm wrong).

We eventually made it to Biloxi to be with Michael. Now, Mike and his family are also survivors of Katrina. She came through and destroyed their home that August 29, 2005 fateful day. They had to flee as well and ended up in Columbia, MO (near St. Louis). They decided to return to Biloxi just a few months ago because Michael simply loves the beach. Biloxi and the entire gulf coast area is a beautiful place. I am so happy that they were able to find a new house and rebuild their lives as well. I was happy.......joyful......grateful.........and I praised God for blessing them so. As I enjoyed myself for Mike's birthday gathering and had a wonderful time with both of my brothers and Mike's family, I could not help but thank God for all that he's done for my family.

As we drove back to my home this afternoon, I again saw more broken trees. This time I praised God. I pray that my family and I will continue to stand tall and strong like those trees........and another song played in my heart and mind........"I shall not be moved. Just like a tree, planted by the water, I shall not be moved".

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Well...

Oh New Orleans Saints fell short in the NFC championship match yesterday. I am really upset about that and my heart goes out to the players. The team did their best and they've come such a long way. It's taken 40 years, the team's entire history, to even get to this point. So, their performance this year has been exemplary and I am so proud of them.

I actually cried for them. My heart really ached. But, I hope that the players know that they have nothing to feel bad about. They are still our champions.

Today, I am wearing black and gold ("Saints Gold") just to honor them and to remember that hard work pays off.

On the other side of the coin is still something to celebrate and rejoice about. History was still made on Sunday. For the first time EVER in NFL history are two teams in the Super Bowl headed by African American coaches!!!! Yippee!!!

The commentators and other non-Black people were on the television stating that they don't see the "hype" in this. They don't understand why this is such a victory for the African American community. They just don't get the big deal.

Well, I guess we really can't expect them to understand. It's okay. As long as we know and we understand the significance of this. It shows that barriers have been broken and because of their diligent and hard work, these two coaches have paved the way for many.

The world may not understand that we have been unfairly treated forever, and now that we're finally afforded an equal opportunity (that's all we've asked for - the one thing that Dr. King died for - equality), we are doing more of the things that we are gifted to do. For the life of me, I do not understand why or how the NFL of old would not even allow an equal chance for Black men to serve in the position of coach. Not only head coach, but remember we weren't even quarterbacks!

And they don't understand....

Oh well!

Congratulations to OUR coaches!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Go Saints!!!


My New Orleans Saints are marching right on in and it is a TREMENDOUS, CRAZY, OVERWHELMING, JOYOUS feeling!

The Saints' story right now is one that all of us can probably relate to. See, the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas (yep, even the folks here in Jackson, MS are huge Saints fans) have loved and supported the team for years. No matter how gloomy things looked, the diehards NEVER gave up. The simple saying of "There's always next year" has been spoken for decades! No matter what shannigans took place (remember the era of Mike Ditka as coach and then rookie Rickie Williams?!), no matter how much we looked like bumbling idiots and the keystone cops, no matter how many years some fans even wore bags over their heads and called our team the "Aints"........there was always hope!

It's been a long, hard road, but this team and the "Coach of the Year", Sean Peyton, has done what's NEVER been done before. We are facing Da Bears for the championship........but what's being seen even more, is that we are in a direct line for the Super Bowl!!!!

I am not all that sports savvy, so I certainly don't know it all. But, I do applaud Coach Peyton. I absolutely love what he did prior to the Philadelphia Eagles game (last week). Before they EVEN played that game, during the week prior to that, he sent a copy of the itinerary to each player for the Chicago Bears game! Not only were they not playing the game they needed yet to win to get to Chicago, they were playing the game before that.

He did something that I tell people all of the time about their own lives.......and something that I have had to learn to do for my own. That is to SEE where you want to be. No matter how dismal things may look today, this week, this month, this year.....we have to SEE our victory! We have to visualize. And it's hard to see something that we don't believe.

The question for you (and I) is, do you believe? Do you believe that you CAN......wait, not only can, but that you WILL get to that place that you desire to be? Are you on the horizon of a championship? Are there obstacles facing you that stand in your way? What do you want? How bad do you want it? Are you willing to put the work in to get there? Do you BELIEVE that you can do it?

Victory feels good, particularly when you're only accustomed to losing. Eventually, something has to click inside of you that will propel you higher. All of the naysayers have to be left behind. All of the past failures must be forgotten. All of the doubts that continually roll around in your brain telling you that you'll never succeed must be stopped! You have the power to change it all because you have the ability to change your thoughts. Change your thoughts, and you change your life.

Of course it is my hope that the Saints will march right on in to the Super Bowl, and come out as the winner. I know that it's possible. Who would've thought???? Who would've thought??? But you know what, they are already champions, they are already victors, because they believed and never gave up. I guess the Super Bowl ring on their fingers will only make that victory all the sweeter.

You too are victors. You just have to live what you believe.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Me Of Today

"I only wish I had the me of today when I was the me of yesterday".
~Carla Young Nix

Okay.....y'all know that I love quotes that are profound and that make an impact on me. Now, as you can see, those words above are mine. I don't know how profound they are, but they did make an impact. I stated these words to someone as I explained to them a burning calling on me in the marriage ministry that God has blessed me to serve as Director. God showed me additional work He would like for me to do in that ministry.

It is my pleasure to answer this call because my heart is strongly in this ministry and with the people whom I serve. What God is having me to do is to be person for my sisters and brothers that I needed for me when I went through a very dark time in my own life and marriage.

You know the saying, "If I only knew back then what I know today". How many times do we feel this way? And this is good because it shows growth and development in our lives. However, what we know today is not solely for us. It is for us to reach back, turn around, look to the side.....whatever is give to others. To be to others what they need to succeed.

Too many people have the mentality that they made it on their own, and as such, they are not responsible for helping anyone else to make it. That is so untrue! And if you think about it, you did not make it on your own. I know without a doubt that there is somebody who helped you along the way. Think about how much you appreciate that. So, why not be that to someone else? And why not be what you wished was available to you when you needed help?

You are a walking source of knowledge, skills, learned-lessons, wisdom, talent. Just remember that you should pass it on. Look how far you've come. Be to others what you needed to succeed.

I read something the other day that encouraged us to do something for someone every day that you are not paid to do. Do something for someone who cannot pay you back. Do something for others just because you can and because you have an earnest desire to simply make the way a little easier for them. Expecting nothing in return.

I leave you with words from Ghandi - "Be the change you want to see in the world."

I'm Back

It wasn't until someone recently nudged me and told me that it has been almost a year since I've last posted an entry here. My goodness! I didn't realize that it had been so long. All I know is that I've been very busy with just about everything, and I simply let this get by me. That's a shame!

Well, it's a new year. A new me. Hopefully, a better me, and as such, I want to do better in everything. My personal theme for this new year is "REVVIN' IN 2007" Yep, I am accelerating, increasing, and improving.

Stay tuned for more from me.