Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Warm Fuzzy...

Just feeling a little sentimental and gooey right now. I have to dab away tears (of happiness and joy) when I think of this because it's just an indication of how far God has brought us, and how He's blessed us.

Last night, our church acknowledged and honored Jerry and I. It was a surprise to us. Last night was one of those "100 Men in Black" programs, and the pastor had appointed Jerry as the coordinator. The service turned out really nice and the purpose of it was to make a statement and stand regarding unity and the importance of real mean serving God. Serving God by serving the community and individuals.

Anyway, everything went well, and it was at the end that they surprised us. First, Jerry made presentations as is common and customary for such a program. Then, we were asked to come to the front. The presentation was wonderful. The presenter stated that the church is happy for "Katrina". That she blew us their way. They thanked us for all of the work that we've done since we've been here. They appreciate us. Love us. Etc. It was so beautiful and moving, particularly when both of us don't feel that we've done anything that would warrant such acknowledgement. They said that they enjoy our teaching, leadership, ministering, etc., and they really encouraged us.

Now, I'm not necessarily stating all of this to say "look at what we've done". Quite the contrary, in fact. I'm sharing this to say, "look what God has done!" I can't help but to think back. Two years ago at this time, Jerry and I were still separated. We were still hurting and I honestly believed that we would be another statistic. I thought that it was over for us. I was still very angry, hurt, and not even sure who Carla was anymore. But God undoubtedly began to mend both of us and He slowly restored us. Since we reconciled in July 2005, our lives definitely took on a new direction with the first major event being that of Hurricane Katrina. I know of couples who have not survived the storm! Oh, I'm not talking about the actual storm of Katrina, but their relationships fell apart during the aftermath. God gave us just the opposite reaction. We grew and strengthed greater as a result.

We do work well together in ministry, but most importantly, as a couple. And even more than that, we have grown by leaps and bounds as individuals.

All I can say is that God can do anything........we are a walking testimony to that! So, the little recognition was not that of us as mere pions. But, in my mind, it was recognition and honor of the goodness and greatness of God! I go dabbing away the tears again!

Be blessed and be encouraged from my experience.

Carla Y. Nix
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

What a week!

Last week was quite interesting for me. As always, it was jam packed and exciting. I don't know the meaning of boredom or doldrum. It doesn't exist in my life (thank God), but last week was just a bit more active.

I began the week being under the weather. It actually began that Sunday. By Monday morning, I was feeling so bad from a cold that just overtook me, that I didn't even go into work. That's unusual for me. I am rarely out sick (thank God for that). I just couldn't pull myself together Monday morning. However, Monday night, I was able to gather the wherewhithal to conduct my Passion4Life radio show ( If I did not have a guest, I may have cancelled, but I was commited to bringing forth this particular show. As it turns out, it was one of my most listened to (live and via the archived show at the website).

I went into work on Tuesday, but was still feeling weak, however much better (I was able to BREATHE! My head was no longer stopped up). Therefore, I was able to function for the entire day.

Wednesday, I felt 100% stronger and was so happy to be that way. It's a terrible feeling when you're weak. I'm not used to it and I'm thankful to have regained my strength.

I was in a "praise" mood all day on Wednesday. Was just thanking God for no particular reason. Just because! He is awesome and I relish in His blessings. Well, later that evening, He provided a reason for me to rejoice even more. My husband purchased our brand new riding mower (tractor). I know, it doesn't seem like something to be all giddy about, as I've been, but it is when you have 8 acres of land that God blessed you with and all of that lawn needs to be maintained. The 8 acres is what our house is sitting on. The house that God blessed us to purchase in October. A wonderful new home that has double the blessing and meaning to us because we now have our own home after losing absolutely everything in New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps you've never been in a position where you no longer had your own. Where you had nothing. Where you didn't even have an address anymore. Although we were blessed to find shelter and live with relatives, it definitely is not the same as having and living in your own home. Your own house. Your own place. Your own independence.

So, God restored and blessed us with our own home, and that includes all of this beautiful land that we must maintain. We're happy to, and we're even happier that He provided us with the riding mower. There is no way that we could cut this grass with a regular push mower.

So, I rejoiced.

Additionally on Wednesday night was my broadcast of Passion4Life with Lamont Carey. A wonderful man, an extraordinary poet, and a blessing to many. I hope you're able to check out the show at

And then on Thursday, I rejoiced even more. I was able to purchase a new computer. I'm on it now and loving it. As with everything else, I lost my computer in Katrina. Several months after the storm, I managed to get a laptop. I hate the laptop! I know that most "normal" people prefer a laptop, but I'm not "normal" and I don't! Besides, it was minimally equipped and I was outgrowing it. In fact, it's begun to simply shut off for no reason. I now have my desktop setup and I've also added my "office" in my home. Well, actually, it's just an area where I set up a desk and work space. I need it badly. Afterall, I am writing my book (see my website and I'm doing a lot more work here at home. God's been blessing me with so many opportunities.

On Friday, I took (and passed) a certification exam at work whereas now I am certified to administer testing for others to become certified in areas such as CISCO, etc. (computer certifications). I was happy to pass. I hate to fail at anything!

Just prior to my taking the exam, I got a call with a wonderful offer. I've been asked to work with someone to write a biography. It is a huge undertaking and they're asking that it is completed in one year.

So, I know that I'll be quite busy (as always) in the days and months to come.

I'm still feeling very good from church services today. Another door God opened for me (or, I guess I should call it an assignment) is that I am now a member of the newly formed Praise and Worship Team. Just like the radio show, this is something that is right up my alley. It's natural for me and something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. It's not an act. It's not a task. It's an honor, privilege, and a joy!

I'm just praising God and I thank Him for everything's He's doing in my life.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dreams do come true...

I am still rejoicing and feeling ever so grateful to God. He has truly blessed my family and I in so many ways.

I'm feeling particularly happy right now. God has blessed me to realize some of my dreams. I am here to tell you that when you believe and have faith, God will bless you with the desires of your heart.

It's a good feeling to recognize your purpose in life and to walk in that purpose. Putting God first in all matters, He will direct your path. I am a witness to that.

I feel good and happy when I'm able to do things that I enjoy and help others along the way. It honestly is my one desire in life to be a blessing to others. God is granting this desire.

It is my goal now to train and teach others to reach this same level. To recognize their gifts, talents, and their purpose. We all have a reason for being here. We all have an assignment that we much complete. It's an awesome feeling when we learn what that assignment is and to embrace it gladly.

Dreams do come true. Just keep believing.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Blessed! That's me. I'm just feeling blessed right now. Loving life. Loving God. Loving all that He's blessed me with.

I am praising God.........oh, for no particular reason.......I just want to praise Him. You know, too often, we only go to God when things are going bad, and we tend to only want to praise Him when everything is going well. But, we miss out when we do that. What about those in-between times? Doesn't God STILL deserve praise? After all, He is God and although our situations may change, He doesn't change. He is still good.

When things are "okay" and we don't feel the urgency to call on God for assistance, that really is no excuse not to go to Him. We should still pray. We should always thank Him for His blessings, and recognize Him for who He is. The reason to pray is not simply to ask God (or, as many of us do, beg God) for the things that we need and want.

So, I am in this praise mode right now where I am just giving it all to Him. I am so thankful for everything. I thank Him for being God. I thank Him for loving me. Providing for me. Taking care of me. Protecting me. I thank Him for being God!

I am blessed!