Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Best is Yet to Come!

Hi Everyone,

Please take the time to listen in to my very own Internet talk radio show. My show is named "Passion4Life". I broadcast at least once a week. You may listen to my previous shows from the archives at Or, go to the P4L website at You will find a link/button that will bring you directly to the radio show site.

When you visit the P4L website, please sign the guestbook to let me know that you were there. You will also find out more about me and services that I offer. You can also access that info at

Please stay tuned because I have an inspirational e-booklet coming out within the next couple of months named "Beyond the Exit". The booklet will be available for sale through both websites: and

Thanks for your support!

God bless you always!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Walking in my purpose

I'm feeling awfully blessed right now. Incredibly blessed. Undeservedly blessed. Outrageously blessed. Madly blessed!

Simply because I am feeling, for the first time, that I am truly walking in my purpose. Living the purpose that God designed me for.

God is opening doors and opportunities whereas I am being allowed to do the things that I know He has planted in me. I've been asked to do some workshops, trainings, and consulting. I know......I know.......people do these all of the time. So true! But I hope that if they do, they are doing so because they are called to do so. Not just for pay.

When one is called to do something, they will do so for the shear satisfaction of knowing that you're doing what you are purposed to do.

I am so thankful and outright grateful to God for what He is doing in my life. What a wonderful feeling of walking in my purpose!

Thank You Jesus!