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Please enjoy the "trailer" for my book, Walking in Your Purpose. I do hope that you would consider purchasing a copy (or two, or more!).

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am happy to present a free teleclass as a result of the last class that I recorded in February. That class was "The Weight of Unforgiveness".

Today, I am presenting "Growing Together", which is an empowerment session for marriages. If you are currently married, thinking about getting married, dating, or even if you're single and uninvolved, you will be encouraged and blessed by this presentation.

You may listen to the class by clicking the play arrow below.

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Monday, April 21, 2008


You may call them secretary, clerk, receptionist, typist, office manager, administrative assistant........etc., etc., etc.

There are so many different "titles" as well as different levels due to responsibility in the office, but regardless of the label, it is a fact that those women and men who provide administrative support are the backbone of success in the workplace.

Everyone relies on them. Couldn't function without them. Yet, too often, the administrative professionals are not supported as much as they should be. Not to say that they aren't appreciated, because they are. It's just that they bring such a stability and calmness to those who depend on them, that it's sort of like a marriage. A relationship. And unfortunately, we don't say "thank you" enough. We just expect you to be be our partner.

I ask that any of you reading who are benefited by the work of administrative support staff not to forget to say "thank you" or to recognize them on Wednesday, April 23, 2008, which is National Administrative Professionals Day.

I've worked in the clerical field for 20 years. This is the first year that I am not somebody's "admin". However, I have been blessed during the course of my 20 years of service to have grown and learned and to reach a place where I was "responsible" for other admin staff. I was trusted, expected, and commissioned to conduct trainings. Additionally, being me, I developed what I called a "support network" whereas I mentored, supported, encouraged, and assisted the admin staff on a professional and personal level. In my association with them, I always stressed the importance of taking pride in one's job and to provide the best and highest quality of work that was possible. We established an understanding. One term I never wanted to hear from them was that they were "just a secretary" (or a clerk, or the receptionist, or whatever the position). I encouraged the highest professionalism (at all times), and an attitude that there was value in the work that we provided. They really had to understand that they were in partnership with their boss(es).

So, to you who employ administrative professionals, and/or those who benefit from the work of admin staff, please let them know how much they're appreciated. Not solely on Wednesday, but as often as you can acknowledge them (what's wrong with saying "thank you" every now and then?).




God is truly blessing. I am honored to have been selected for the April 2008 feature story of The Book Lovers Haven. I enjoyed being interviewed. As always, I hope that this blesses and encourages you.

Profound gratitude and appreciation to Denise Turney who thought enough of me to feature me. Denise is an incredible and very loving author. She loves the community and is always doing something to bless others. She is quite successful as an author and I ask that you visit her website.


Feature Interview - Carla Nix

Carla Nix - Carla Nix is an author, speaker and Christian Life Coach. She is online at www.freewebs. com/passion4life . You can also reach her at carlanix1@aol. com.


Book Lovers Haven: I loved your E-book, Walking In Your Purpose. Why is it important that each of us does what we were created to do rather than what we feel may provide us the most comfortable (financially and socially) lifestyle?

Carla Nix: It is vital to our peace of mind and state of being to operate in our purpose. Otherwise, we are out of sync and we simply exist, as opposed to truly live an authentic and genuine life. When we live outside of our purpose, we feel as though there is a void in our life, because there is. We are not complete outside of our purpose and we continuously search for something to fulfill us. If our driving motive is to only obtain financial and social gain, then that is all that we will receive. We will always have a hunger and thirst that only fulfilling our purpose can quench and satisfy.

BLH: Is it possible to be truly happy without walking in our purpose? Why or why not?

CN: No, I don't believe that it is. Most importantly, we lack true joy when we are not walking in our purpose. That is because we are not doing, or being, what we were designed for. It's difficult to go against the grain of the fabric that makes us. You see, the purpose that God gave us is what NATURALLY brings us joy. It excites us. Ignite us. It is what keeps us going.

BLH: What is "walking in our purpose"? What does that mean and what are some signs that we are walking in our purpose?

CN: "Walking in our purpose" means to live the life that God created you for. No one came into existence by chance. No one was born by happenstance. Every single person has a reason for being here. Each one of us has a specific destiny and plan to complete. Along the way, we may be given various assignments to fulfill. No one else can be you. No one else can do anything as you do. God equipped each of us with our own unique personalities, likes, abilities, talents, and gifts to fulfill our purpose. You are like you are for a reason. That is why it is important for us not to try to be anything or anyone other than who we are. God did not make a mistake when He made you. It is important for us to seek God to learn how we can use our gifts for Him.

BLH: Share a personal experience of when you did not walk in your purpose and how that felt and when you did walk in your purpose and how that felt.

CN: Well, I spent a lot of my life hating myself and questioning God about my own existence. I once felt that something was wrong with me because I was not like other people. I did not love nor appreciate who I was. I found everything wrong about myself. I did not have confidence in myself. I thought that everyone hated me. I never felt that I fitted in. I was not happy with myself or my life. I was most miserable. I did not value who I was.

I first began to walk in my purpose when I came to the realization that I actually had a purpose. That was an absolutely fantastic feeling. I recognized God's love for me and realized that He even knew who I was. See, I once saw myself as a mistake or a "freak of nature". I really did. But, when I discovered that I had purpose, it was a liberating feeling. This is when I finally acknowledged that I actually had "talent", that I possessed "gifts", and that God designed me to be (among other things), a writer! Prior to this discovery, I never acknowledged what was inside of me. I would minimize who and what I was by saying things such as, "I dabble in writing", or "my hobby is writing". When I acknowledged that this "hobby" and "dabbling" of mine was actually who I am, I felt a sense of freedom.

BLH: You also wrote an E-book titled Seven Keys and Affirmations for Victorious Living. The books you write are positive and scripturally based. There are many books that speak to living on purpose, connecting with our source, etc. Why do you think we need to keep hearing this message and what portion of the global audience do you think your book is meant to reach specifically?

CN: Oh, we very much need to hear on a consistent basis the importance of living on purpose. We tend to forget very easily, and what is out of sight (or ear shot) definitely is out of mind. Additionally, life generally has the potential of tearing us down. We need to equally be empowered and encouraged to stay the course. Joyce Meyer has a wonderful book named "Battlefield of the Mind". It is true that our mind is a battlefield. So, we need to feed our minds with positive reinforcement.

It is my desire to reach as many people as I can with my work, but I have a particular interest in reaching women, teen girls, and young adults.
BLH: You and your family lived through Hurricane Katrina. How did that storm and the experiences after the storm change you?

CN: One way that I describe my experience with Hurricane Katrina is by saying that she left a huge footprint on me! That is because the entire ordeal kicked me in many ways. We are one of hundreds of families that lost absolutely everything in the storm. Our home, our jobs, our possessions, our life in New Orleans. It felt as though we were kicked out of the world that we knew. It was traumatic and very difficult for us. Our life after the storm was surreal. We went through the motions of living. We only existed. We survived the storm, but for quite a while, we did not thrive. There is a difference. Depression set in. Anger. Fear. But, we shifted into survival mode. That is when you do what you have to do to live, but there is no real life for you.

We were blessed because we evacuated and had somewhere to go. We lived with mother-in-law. That was a humbling experience. I was happy to have shelter, and we eventually and slowly were able to obtain some of the material necessities of life. Yet, I continued to feel "homeless" because we did not have our own home to live in. My life was in a shamble. I can honestly say that I did not have a full and good night of sleep for more than a year after Katrina. Don't get me wrong; my mother-in-law made everything pleasant for us. I have no complaints about her or the home that she provided for us. I will forever be grateful to her for all that she did for us. We would not have made it without her. That wasn't the issue. The issue was mental for me. My mental state was definitely altered after Katrina.
But God continually reminded me that He never left us. He was always there. Yes, I struggled, and to this day, I still have some struggles because of the storm. But, God brought us through all of it and in time, He blessed us with our own new house, new furniture, and new life. In many ways, He's given us more than what we had before. And more than anything, He has shown me even more of my purpose and what I am to do in this life. I am more determined and excited about walking in my purpose. My life before Katrina prepared me for life after the storm. My experiences during Katrina and the aftermath further reinforced the calling on my life.

I know what I'm here for. I am here to help others as they discover and walk in their own purpose.

BLH: In what ways do you plan to continue to gain insight and inspiration to live your best life right now using real lessons you learned from those experiences?

CN: First of all, I plan to walk by faith in God and to seek Him for direction. My relationship with the Lord is my lifesaver. My relationship with Him is also paramount and I know that I could not exist without Him. I am open to God's will in, and for, my life. I am determined to remain obedient to Him and to follow His voice. I have learned, and am still learning in many ways, to stop depending on myself and what I think I know. I cannot live a qualitative life (my best life) if I "Edge God Out" (EGO). I must always depend on Him, trust Him, have faith in Him, and believe that He will take care of me. That's where my inspiration comes from. I know that I would not have made it through Katrina had it not been for the Lord.

BLH: Do you think you'll ever tell your story about your experiences in the storm with readers? Why or why not?

CN: Most definitely! In fact, I have written my story and I am happy to share it at anytime. You have reminded me that it is time for me to update my story so that others can know how much God has blessed me since Katrina. I don't mind sharing my experiences because I know that it will give hope and encouragement to others. Although our entire country felt the effects of Katrina because so many of us from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi suffered so much, not everyone knows our pain. However, one did not have to go through Katrina to understand pain. Your storm may not be Katrina, but there may still be storms in your life. My experience with Katrina is not any bigger than whatever it is others may be going through. When it comes down to it, a storm is a storm no matter what form it comes in. So, it is my desire to be a blessing to others by sharing my story.

BLH: For your first two titles, why did you choose E-books? What is it about the book form that appeals to you? Would you do it again and recommend it to other writers?

CN: I chose E-books because I wanted the information to be readily and easily available for readers. For me, it was the quickest route to get the material out. However, I also self-published both books in hard copy and have that available as well.

Yes, I do plan to publish more E-books, particularly in the Victorious Living series. There is more to come.

BLH: Both of your books are non-fiction. Do you have any plans to write a work of fiction? If so, what do you think the book would be about?

CN: Ah. There's a saying that there is a novel in all of us. Yes, I do want to write a work of fiction. In fact, there is a novel that has lived within me for many years now. I've played around with it and wrote a short-story format of it when I lived in New Orleans. Of course, all of my past writings were lost in the hurricane, but the story is still within me. And I know that this may sound crazy to some, but my characters live in my head and I know them very well! I just need to establish more structure, and discipline in my life so that I can put my story to paper.

BLH: You also do public speaking. How does that strengthen your writing career? Have you found it to be a good form of exposure for your E-books in effort to increase book sales and bring the message in your books to more people?

CN: Actually, my writing career fuels my public speaking. I was first, and will always be, a writer. I never thought that I would be a public speaker, but was encouraged some years ago because of my writing to learn about the Toastmasters organization. It was suggested that because I write as much as I do that I would possibly benefit from public speaking. I doubted it because I was extremely shy and was fearful of speaking before others. But, I ended up going to a Toastmasters meeting as a support and encouragement to a student that I was mentoring in 2000. I immediately fell in love with the organization! I kept going to the meetings and I eventually joined that local chapter. I soon soared through the organization and earned credentials that certify me as an "Advanced Toastmaster". I also served as President, Area Governor, and other offices as well as winning a few speech competitions.

My Toastmasters experience strengthened my writing because I obviously had to write all of my speeches. Now, as I speak to organizations and conduct trainings and workshops, I am well trained to give great presentations and to interact with an audience. I still get nervous, but I no longer am afraid to speak before groups.
I have used my E-books as the resource for several of the trainings and workshops that I conduct. It has allowed me to bring the message of my books to more people, however, I would like to bring it to even more. I honestly provide the information to the audience and not focus on the potential for sales because it is important to me that the information is received. I know that these books are God-inspired and Spirit-led. What's most important to me is that people are blessed.

BLH: Did you have to take any special courses to learn how to create an E-book (i.e. your book cover, page design)? If not, please briefly share with our readers who are interested in creating an E-book of their own how they can create an E-book from start to finish?

CN: I did not take any special courses to learn how to create E-books. I only had a strong desire to do so. Therefore, I looked at other E-books, yet I realized that these books are as individual as the person who writes them. The potential and possibility for the creation of E-books is as vast as the litany of the various personalities and messages there are to be delivered.

My books were created in a simple fashion. I used Word. That simple! I created my own covers, also in Word. Then I converted the documents into a PDF format, which I highly suggest. This allows your material to stay intact and your own.

BLH: What is your dream for Carla? Do you see yourself writing full-time or getting more involved in public speaking? What is it about your choice that makes you so passionate about it?

CN: Both! My personal goal for 2008 is to write full-time, and to do much more public speaking.

It's not that my choice makes me passionate about this, it is actually that I am already passionate about writing and speaking that I have no other choice to make. This is my purpose and I must walk in it with confidence and by total faith in God.

BLH: Who are some of your favorite writers and public speakers? What is it about their work you appreciate most?

CN: I love books by Dr. Myles Munroe. I remember reading "Discovering Your Potential" many years ago. This was probably the beginning of my self-awareness and the acknowledgement of the fact that I am a writer (not just a dabbler). One thing that I cherish and remember most about the book is that Dr. Munroe stated that the graveyard is buried with potential. That was a profound statement and turning point for me.

My favorite public speakers are Zig Zigglar and Les Brown. They epitomize the term "motivational speaker". Zig is like a sage. So much wisdom and life experience comes from him. Les is the same, but he is also so energetic and persuasive. He makes you believe that you CAN do anything you want (which is true); but he also makes you WANT to do EVERYTHING that you can.

BLH: What's next for Carla Nix? What would you like to be doing 2-3 years from now and what are you currently doing (not thinking about doing but actually doing) to make this happen?

CN: I am in partnership to build a non-profit organization for the empowerment of women and teen girls. Our name is "Her Purpose" and we will conduct trainings and workshops not only locally, but across the country. I am also establishing and building a clientele for my own Life Coaching practice. I currently provide services for a few individuals, but I would like to work with more people over the next couple of years.

BLH: Carla, thank you for spending this time with us. As we close, what last words of advice or encouragement would you like to leave with our subscribers at The Book Lover's Haven?

CN: I encourage the readers to refuse to settle for a life that is less than it should be. By this, I mean to live a full life by knowing who you are and what you were designed to do. Seek God to reveal to you your purpose. He is our manufacturer. He made you. He specifically created you for a reason. I cannot tell you what you were designed to do. You probably already know because other than God, no one knows you better than you know yourself. It's time now for you to live intentionally. To live on purpose. To walk in YOUR purpose.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


You are invited to listen to my free teleconference, entitled "The Weight of Unforgiveness".

I pray that it is a blessing to you.

Click below:

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Alwaysness - Passion4Life Radio Show


I invite you to listen to my Passion4Life radio show, recorded today. My topic: "Alwaysness".

Be blessed!


Friday, April 11, 2008


Happy Birthday to my “baby” brother, Ira. I can’t believe that he’s such an old man now! LOL! Well, he’s 42 and I don’t know where the time has gone. I remember very vividly our childhood and how he’s always been my baby brother. Now, he’s the old man of the family. He’s an old soul, as they say, and I tell you, I am so blessed to have him as a brother. I love him not just because he’s my brother, but because of the fantastic human being he is.

I wasn’t going to write anything today, but there are some issues that have been growing more and more on my mind lately. Issues that pertain to our community in general. Issues that surpass race, class, gender, and even religious lines. This won’t be a “sermon”, actually. At least, that’s not my initial intent. I just want to get some things off of my mind and to raise some questions. However, I have no idea where this is going to lead to. I have learned to just write when God ignites me. Where it goes, I will leave up to Him.

Today, a replay of a Judge Hatchett show came on. This particular episode was quite disturbing to me the first time I saw it, and even more so today. Let me give an overview of it:

The case was that of a now 16 years old girl in court, with her mother by her side, to learn if a certain boy was the father of her child. The child is now 2 years old. Now, what I love about Judge Glenda Hatchett is that she is nothing like those shows such as Maury Pauvich and Jerry Springer. Her show is not sensationalism or foolishness. And if you’ve watched Judge Hatchett, you know that this sister don’t play! She’s a strong advocate for our youth and she does her best to make a positive difference in the community.

Anyway, the girl’s case really wasn’t that uncommon. Therein lies the problem for me. What made it worse is that the girl was so young, albeit, quite intelligent. She recalled their “relationship”. At the age of 14, she met the boy at church. A church, that in her words is “fun” and “good”. She was/is part of the youth department, sings in the choir, goes to the revivals, etc. Yet, one evening, as she was an overnight guest at the boy’s aunt’s house, he simply said to her that he wanted to mess around. She said okay, and they had sex.

She spoke of this incident just as dryly and matter-of-factly as if I were telling you that it’s raining outside right now. No emotion. No shame. No shyness. No nothing……other than the fact that they “did it”. Her mother stood by her side, which I think is great, but Lord knows that if it were me and one of my daughters I probably would have been laid out on the floor hollering and screaming and crying and just too shocked! I mean, it was all so…….”normal” for them (it appears), and that is what I can’t figure out. Why in the world is it normal….or even okay……for CHILDREN……….14 years old …… to be having sex……..and as though it meant nothing!

Next incident of their relationship occurred at church! Yes, at church, the girl said! Now, it didn’t happen inside the church walls, thank God, but she said that they were outside on the side where the cars are parked. Brotha man told her again that he wanted to “mess with her”. “Okay” she simply said, and okay……..bang! Next time, it happened with one of the boy’s “homies” (his word). He told her that THEY wanted to “mess with her”, and she again said “okay”. Meanwhile, her Mama is still standing up there as though this was not unacceptable behavior.

This time they were on the church bus. She allowed the “home boy” to “mess” with her, but she said that she didn’t feel right about it and she “moved” before he could………..well………have an orgasm (Judge Hatchett said it for her……). Yet, she then allowed the other boy to immediately go all the way and have his way with her.
COME ON PEOPLE!!!! Is there not something wrong with this picture? The boy (with his own mother standing by his side) of course acted as though this was just natural. It meant nothing. They just did what they did.

Is it just me? Am I the only one seeing something totally sad about this entire case?

The girl, as a result, got pregnant and she thought it was his because again, she “moved” before the other boy could………. Innocent ignorance here. It turned out that the boy she thought was the father was NOT.

Anyway, even beyond the pregnancy issue, my outrage is the CASUAL attitude that has been attached to relationships. Let me outline some of my problems with this.

1. Children should not be having sex. I’m interested in knowing if the girl was a virgin when she and the boy hooked up. It wasn’t said. I doubt if he was one. Oh………….I said a word that probably is obsolete today!

2. Child or not………teen girl or not………….why do so many women lose their self-respect, self-value, self-worth, dignity, integrity, and PURITY for the sake of pleasing someone? Obviously, this girl did not value herself by simply and so easily just saying “okay” to the whims of a boy who wants to “mess” with her. At age 14, it seems to me that girls (and boys) should be focusing on school and honestly just being a child! Not making a child!

3. Why aren’t more parents adamant and stricter on their children? Why have we come to accept this type of promiscuous behavior? My own thoughts are that too many of us adults are equally as promiscuous and lack a good value system.

4. The 14 year old girl and boy are no different than the adult man and woman who act as carelessly as they have. News flash: We don’t have to have sex with everyone we meet! To the girls and women: We don’t have to have a baby for every man, and being a Baby’s Mama shouldn’t be our goal in life! I am not saying that we shouldn’t want to have a family. But, there is an order that should be obtained.

5. People use their sexuality in various ways. We forget that although we are sexual beings, God blessed us with our sexuality to be used within the sanctity and institution of marriage.

6. For women, our value is much more than what we offer a man by sex. If he loves you, he ought to love you………..period! And vice versa. If he can’t appreciate you for who you are, love your mind, love your personality, love your ways, love your gifts, or if he cannot respect you, then you really need to be thinking twice (and thrice and so forth) before you hop in bed.

7. Girls…..Women…………Rethink becoming a Baby’s Mama just so you can have him! Just because you have his baby doesn’t mean that you will have the man. Particularly and especially if he has more women out there who are his Baby’s Mamas!!!! That should be a red flag and a quick siren for you to back off!

8. Men……Certainly NOT ALL women with children fit this category, but you know for a fact that there are SOME out there who may be looking at you for what you have and what they think you can give them and their children.

I could go on and on with an outline, but I won’t. Just watching that young girl, whom I saw so much potential in, relay her experience so nonchalantly, really cut through me. And then I read something today that gave a long list of “Baby Mama Drama” real life stories of athletes. One person, for example, has nine (9) children by eight (8) different women. Excuse me? I don’t understand why this man feels that he can just go around having sex with any and all women that he want to and then have no repercussions. And I wonder what were the women thinking?
We also know that today sex doesn’t simply mean possible pregnancy. It can be a death sentence and/or other serious conditions with STD’s.

Why are we so cavalier about this? Of course I am also thinking about the very public and recent cases with folks such as the Detroit Mayor’s affair, the New York Governor’s affair, definitely Clinton/Lewinsky affair remains in the forefront. We can’t be so shocked and strict on our children when grown-ups are out there acting like animals as well!

Just as with everything else, our behavior has to change in our minds first. Somewhere along the line, we have accepted and have acted upon the belief that it’s okay not to control ourselves and to act upon impulses.

Let’s raise our children better than that. Let us not condone or accept the mindset that would bring on such cold behavior such as the girl and boy I spoke of were affected by. We must have higher standards for ourselves, and our children.



I’ve been nursing a horrible cold all week. I feel better tonight, thank God. I still don’t have much of an appetite and I’m feeling a little weak. But, I’m okay. At least I can breathe now! I hate having a stopped up head and nose! My throat feels better as well.

Now that we’ve completed our term for school until the Fall, I am able to go to choir rehearsal. Well, I don’t sing in the Mass Choir, as I simply am not able to commit myself to all of the engagements and outings that they have. Our Pastor preaches out a lot, and there is always something going on at the church. The Mass Choir goes with him and it really is just too much for me. They are persistent, however, in trying to get me to join. We have a wonderful and extremely down to earth Minister of Music and fantastic musicians. Brother Stevie (minister of music) stays on me the most about joining. But, I’m honest with him and have told him that I don’t think that it would be fair for me to do so. I can’t even make all of the rehearsals.

Lord knows how much I love music and how I love to sing. But, fair is fair, and right is right.

But, Stevie doesn’t give up easily (bless his heart). He asked me to join our Praise and Worship Team. It’s fairly new for us (we began about a year ago). However, I still was not able to make some of the rehearsals due to school. So, he accepts and allows me to sing when I’m able to. We only sing once a month, so it’s a little more doable for me than the Mass Choir.

We had an excellent rehearsal tonight and I am just so thankful that God allowed me to have the strength and ability to participate. I’m actually leading a song, and God really touched this ole body of mine. It went well.

I am just so thankful to God for all of His blessings. He has me on a path in my life that I am well pleased with. Things are occurring that lets me know that without a doubt, it is God. All I know is that is my desire to please Him. I am an open vessel and I just stand waiting for Him to use me as He pleases.

My heart right now goes out to all of the people who have been affected by the recent severe weather conditions. I honestly don’t know what’s going on lately, but the weather has been fierce. Tornadoes are going forth with a vengeance, it seems. I mean, last month, who would’ve ever thought that downtown Atlanta would be hit with a tornado? Insanity, I tell you. The storms seem to be flying all over this country. Some tornadoes have hit very near to my own home. Of course, I am saying, “Oh Lord, not again!” But, we’ve been blessed and kept safe. On Friday, tornadoes crashed through Jackson and other areas in Mississippi. Again, very near me. It is amazing to see the destruction. So many homes have been destroyed or damaged. Thank God, however, there have been no reported deaths.

Additionally, the mighty Mississippi River itself is acting a fool. It’s rising and residents in places such as Vicksburg, MS are being evacuated because it hasn’t even crested yet. I believe I also heard on the news that Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO are seeing the rise in the River. I have dear friends in those areas, and my prayers are definitely with them.

My prayers are with all who are in the path of danger. We are expecting severe weather to pass through here again over night and they are thinking that more tornadoes may crop up again. I pray, Lord, for your protection and providence for all.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Check out my family movie. Click here.

Carla Y. Nix - My Destiny @ Yahoo! Video



First off, let me say that I am so excited! Jerry informed me that he’s booked us on a seven-day cruise for next year. I am happy and overjoyed about that. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go on a cruise. This will be our first one. FINALLY!
I’m also excited about some upcoming events God is allowing me to be involved in.

• I’m honored to do some reading and editing for a fellow author.

• I am a speaker and a group facilitator for an empowerment summit for girls, young ladies, and women. It’s called, “My Black is Beautiful”. One of my topics will be “Radiant Beauty Shines From Within”. This will take place in Baton Rouge, LA – May 2, 2008.

• A Mother/Daughter Tea in observance of Mother’s Day – Saturday, May 10, 2008

. I am the coordinator and it’s taking place at my church, Greater Pilgrim Rest in Terry, MS.

• I am a speaker for a Women’s Ministry Conference and will be leading a class on the topic: "Painkillers in the Church: Forgiveness Heals the Hurt." This will take place on May 17, 2008 in Clinton, MS.

• I am honored to have been asked to be the coordinator of the 1st Annual Project R.A.G.E. (Release Anger & Guilt for Empowerment) Workshop for the state of Mississippi with Janice Higgins ( This is a program for youth and parents, and ANYONE who is interested in the future and lives of our young people. Janice is a dynamic person, gifted in so many areas. She’s a bestselling author, evangelist, coach, trainer, community activist (and the list goes on and on). This event will also take place at my church (Greater Pilgrim Rest – Terry, MS), and the date is TBA (coming soon – we’re looking at June).

• I MIGHT be doing some work in Denver, CO. We’re talking and I am truly looking forward to presenting an empowerment session there. Stay tuned!

• I’ll be conducting a leadership class for the Association Conference that my church is a part of May 30 – 31, 2008 in Clinton, MS.

• Preparing new curriculum and material for the Marriage Ministry, in which I am the Director, at my church.

• I am scheduling my radio show and God has been sending me future guests. I have to get back on track with that.

• In the process of building a Board of Directors for Sisters4Jesus. We are moving towards establishing our non-profit status, so I am learning and writing the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and all that goes along with the process. I’m learning! Hopefully I will be successful in also doing some grant writing and learning all about that. I know I need help, but it’s just me for now, so we’ll see how it goes. I am so thankful for those precious friends who are patient with me when I ask them a litany of questions. They’ve walked this road, I’m just a babe.

• Working on putting together a website for Cooper’s International, which is a business owned by my in-laws. Also, still trying to finalize my own websites for Sisters4Jesus, and Her Purpose.

I have a lot on my plate, but I am definitely gung ho about it all. I LOVE this and I thank God for allowing me to do it. Most of all, as I told someone today, I am just an open vessel and my desire is to please God. I’ve learned to honor Him, and as a result, He honors me with His blessings. I don’t do it for anything in return, I do it because God has put it in me. I HAVE to do it.

Thank You Lord!


Friday, April 04, 2008


April is National Poetry Month, and today, April 4, 2008 is the 40th anniversary of the assaination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here is my acknowledgement of King, in poetic form.
By Carla Y. Nix

The tearful eyes of Bernice
Made me cry and also grieve
As one little girl watched another little girl
Mourn before the whole wide world.

That picture remains in my mind today
I can't believe that 40 years have passed away.
I still feel the powerful grip of grief;
Still feeling sad for Bernice.

That poor little girl had to say goodbye
While on her mother's lap she lie
A woman of pure grace and strength
Coretta, without Martin, her precious King.

I think often of the great impact he made
I am so thankful for the trail he paved.
And I know that it was only God that gifted King so
In order for this world, and our people, to grow.

I can't imagine what our lives would have been
If it had not been for Dr. Martin Luther King.
Yet I wonder if my own people will ever appreciate;
I wonder why we are filled with so much hate.

Now grown, this little girl will never forget
The picture, she first saw in Jet
Of MLK's little girl – his progeny
Those tearful eyes of Bernice.
© January 2008


It was nice to go home to New Orleans last week. But, it was even nicer returning back to my new home here in Crystal Springs.

My former boss asked me to help with some important work. So, I arrived last Thursday. I knew that we would be working through the weekend and I thought that I would be returning on Monday. Well, we did indeed work through the weekend. We worked hard each day until about 9:00 pm each night. However, I ended up staying through Wednesday because there simply was so much to do. Because everything was lost in Katrina, everything is done over from scratch. Everything!

My boss has not replaced me. She has not hired anyone for the position. A couple of people have told me that she is not satisfied with anyone she interviews, and that she’s looking for another “Carla”. That’s flattering, but she really needs to hire someone so that they can move forward. She wants me to return, but I told her that we are not coming back. We have new lives now, and I just cannot see myself living in New Orleans again. I miss home very much, but life has truly changed for me and I know that I am in a place (both logistically and spiritually) where God wants me to be. I have never been as sure about anything as I am about this. I know where I am, and I know why I’m here. I know God’s purpose for me and what He has for me to do.

They didn’t want to let me go, and my boss kept telling me how much she misses me. She was thankful that I did come to help and she knows that I will never hesitate to do whatever I can for her. We had/have an incredible rapport and connection, and after working with her for 18 years, we are more like family than anything. And I know that is what she desires to obtain in whomever she does eventually hire. Of course, she’s already asked me to come back and train whomever the person is. I will also assist with other projects to come.

I like it like this. Working on a contractual / consultant basis – when I want to – with/for them.

I did take the time to go to my church service and Sunday School while in New Orleans. The church has rebuilt, which is wonderful.

One thing I miss very much from home is the FOOD! I have yet to find anything remotely as good as New Orleans cuisine here in Mississippi, or anywhere else, for that matter. On Saturday, I had a scrumptious Fried Shrimp platter. Oh my…… was sooooooo good! I even took a picture of it with my cell phone! They (the folks in the office) laughed at me, but I told them that I don’t know when I’ll see another such beautiful and tasty treat. They don’t know how to prepare such meals here. I have done so myself at home, but there is still a difference because the seafood isn’t FRESH as it is from New Orleans. I have fried shrimp, and even purchased shrimp here for my Gumbo……..but it still isn’t as good because the seafood is IMPORTED!!!! I was it total shock the first time I went to buy seafood. I asked the lady where did their shrimp come from. First she was surprised that I asked such a question, and then she said that she didn’t know. I asked for the Manager. She informed me that the shrimp came from Equador (I can’t even spell it!). Honey,it makes a difference!

I also got my favorite Chinese food from my favorite spot on Franklin and North Claiborne avenues. Nobody does Chinese cuisine like New Orleans Asians!
I went to Winn Dixie one night and looked for Br’er Rabbit syrup, but they didn’t have any. But, I did find Hubig Pies and purchased about 10 of them to bring home. I’m freezing them! Hubig’s is only in New Orleans and they don’t sell those here (these are pies such as Hostess little apple pies – but of course they are 100% better).

I didn’t have time to stock up on other things, such as “pickled” meat (a seasoning meat we use for Red Beans, smothered cabbage, and other meals), Big Shot drinks, etc. But I will do so next time.

One thing I’d forgotten about that is naturally New Orleans is the HUMIDITY!!!! Wow, as soon as I arrived in town……….just past the airport……… hit me! Gosh darn, it was HOT! Well, it’s hot here in Mississippi too, so it’s not like I don’t know heat. But, it’s a different kind of heat in New Orleans. It’s HUMID! How soon we forget. Lord have mercy…… slapped me, gripped me, and drained me as soon as I got there. It’s funny how you get used to it when you live there. I mean, I hardly noticed it while living there. It’s a dry heat here in MS. But you know what? My body has noticed the difference in the climate. My skin is much drier (I now have to use moisturizer for my face and everywhere really……….NEVER had to do that before!). My hair’s texture has changed dramatically. I hate it! So, I guess the humidity served a great purpose for me.

I spent an entire week away from what has become my new home. This is the longest stretch of time I’ve been away from my family since Katrina. I’ve traveled since then, but they’ve been short trips. Being away this time made me appreciate my new life, and definitely my family, even more. It is true that I do miss my New Orleans and the life that we had there. But, what I’ve come to realize is that my life has taken on a new direction. I will never have what blew away in Katrina again, and I have come to accept that that really isn’t a bad thing. Today, I can’t see myself “going back”. I wouldn’t “fit” anymore. I’ve grown and moved ahead. Yet, everything that my life was back then was preparation for where God has placed me (logistically and spiritually) today.

While there, I missed my new little life. I missed my new routine. I missed the

quietness and vastness of my surroundings here in the “country”. I missed the beauty and quaintness of my new house (I absolutely love my house). It’s our new home. I missed my child and my husband (although we talked every single day). I missed the niche that has been etched for me.

What I’ve come to recognize more than anything is that “home” is not necessarily a location. But, it is a state of mind and the stability and love of family. Home is where your heart is.

I am so glad to be home!