Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Goodies

I am just writing to send a little support and encouragement to my fellow diabetics. I will have to admit that this is a most difficult time for me simply because I have not yet conquered the desire and taste for sweets. I often share my struggles with this, and Christmas doesn't make it any easier.

I did some baking. We actually baked three cakes for Christmas. But you know what? I am so proud of myself because I've done well with maintaining good glucose readings. I have eaten in moderation. Yes, I've eaten some cake, but I did not go crazy with it. That's improvement for me.

I've eaten in moderation the big meal I cooked. We even went to my mother-in-law's on Christmas day and she sho 'nuff cooked for an army. But, I didn't eat like a platoon. I ate just a little bit of this and that, and did not feel the need to eat every thing.

It is a struggle. I would love to reach a point where I can say that I have no desire for sweets. Food-wise, I handle much better. The starches and carbohydrates don't call my name as cake and cookies do!

Carla Y. Nix

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